Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 180 of 365

Madera, Ca Ok so this was a interesting day. We asked Christopher if he wanted to go see Despicable Me. He said NO. He wanted to go bowling instead. So we got ready drove to Valley Bowl in Madera. To our surprise they were closed. He was beyond mad. So Jaime said he would take him to Fresno. Got to Sierra Lanes. All lanes were booked until 9:30pm or after. He was now super beyond mad. Jaime asked if he wanted to go to Chuckie Cheese. He said no, he would rather drive back home and eat Ice Cream. So we got back in the car, and drove back to Madera. Stopped at Sweet Indulgence. What we do for our children. It was a interesting road trip in a circle.

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